Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Fashion Tag

I was tagged by Rebecca at Awestruck to do this and it looked like fun so here goes nothing!

1) How would you describe your style?
Classic and trendy. I love bold colors and new different prints. 

2) What are your wardrobe staples? 

A jean jacket, a pair of nude heels and skinny jeans

3) Most expensive clothing item you own?

4) Most wanted item?
A brown leather hand-bag 

5) Favorite designer?
I don't really know...I like some things from Gap or Coach

6) How much do you spend on clothing?
If I know i am gonna wear it a ton I spend more on it.

7) Favorite places to shop?
Target, American Eagle Outfitters, JCPenny's, Forever 21 
and Charlotte Russe

8) Favorite fragrance?
I love the new fragrance daisy from Bath and Body Works and also
 the body fragrance by Victoria's Secret


9) Favorite way to have your hair?Natural is mostly how I wear it, but I love the
 way my hair looks curled and also when I use my flat-iron.

10) What is your go-to outfit when you have no idea what to wear?
Jeans and a cardigan or plain shirt with TOMS or my brown boots

11) Most prized possession?
My sheer bird print top, my jean jacket, my polka-dot dress and my boots.

Now I tag Lauricia at Give It Some Style   

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Makeup Tip #2

 Hi everyone, here I am again!! 

 My little makeup tid-bit of the week is to use primer with your eye shadow. I didn't use primer before, but I have started using it and I really like it. It keeps my eye shadow on all day while I am at work and even when I go out at night. Before, when I didn't use it my eye makeup would come off alot, half-way through the day, and that just doesn't look good. 

Mary Kay eye primer is the one I have been using and I really like it. But I have also tried the urban decay primer and it works good too. 

Whatever primer you decide to go with I would try it out first before you buy it, to make sure its what you want and that its actually gonna work good. Another thing is a little of the primer goes a long way, so even though it may seem you are paying alot for a little bit of product, in reality you are getting quite a bit. 

I hope that you all are enjoying these posts! Leave me a comment and let me know!!
Bye for now!

Elizabeth <3

Friday, April 5, 2013

Makeup Tip Of The Week


 Okay, so I know I haven't been posting on here very much and I am sorry about that. Life has been so hectic with work and family and stuff. But anyway I thought maybe if once a week I posted a makeup tip or something like that it would keep me active on here and hopefully keep you all reading my blog!! 

 Eyeliner is so important to me in my daily makeup routine. You can wear it so many ways and different colors. One of the things I have learned from experience, reading books and going to makeup school is how to keep it from smearing on your eyelids. If your eyes are anything like mine are, they can sometimes become oily and the eyeliner seems to smudge on the middle of the eyelid making this really dark line that I hate. So, what I do to fix that is, if I am using a pencil (which I do alot) I use an eyeliner brush and gently press the same color of eye shadow onto the eyeliner and it seems to work pretty well for keeping it on all day. And sometimes to make it easier on myself I dampen my eyeliner brush and press it into a shadow of my choice and then on my eyelid to give more of a smudged, natural look. You can totally play with it and do whatever you want. just have fun and remember to keep your eyeliner as close to the lash line as possible. Gaps are not very pretty and you can fix those with a shadow as well.

Hope this was helpful!!

Elizabeth <3

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Journals and Diaries

  So since I love to write and journal my thoughts, I thought it would be cool to do a little research on journals and diaries and see what I find. And if you don't journal it may give you some inspiration to write about yourself, even if its only once a month. 

  The word diary comes from the Latin word diarium, which means "daily allowance," from dies "day". The word journal comes from the same root (diurnus "of the day") through Old French jurnal (modern French for day is jour). The earliest use of the word to mean a book in which a daily record was written was in Ben Jonson's comedy Volpone in 1605.
   People have been keeping diaries and journals for centuries and still continue to do it today. The oldest diaries come from Middle Eastern and East Asia cultures. The scholar Li Ao (9th century AD) kept a diary of his southern journey through China. 
  From the Renaissance on, journals were kept by people,  not only to record events , but personal feelings as well. And in 1908, the Smythson company created the first featherweight diary, which enabled journals to be carried about.
  Some diaries were written and published for others to read, such as A Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank, the diary of Alan Clark and many others. 
  Journals have many uses, such as; recording your thoughts and wishes, ideas and plans, habits, travels, a book of your favorite things. And it can also be used to write songs and poems and even to draw pictures and keep postcards and movie tickets inside. 
  The computer and internet are used as well, by many people, to journal and record events, especially now in our electronic driven society.  
  I prefer the old fashioned way of journaling in a book to the internet. The smell of the pages and bright covers have always attracted me to writing. It helps me to vent my feelings sometimes when I am angry or sad or it gives me a place to write about the good things that are happening at that moment in my life.  

  I want my kids to be able to read my journals some day and learn more about me. I want to give them a piece of history. Whatever the case for you may be, I would say give it a shot and see how you like it. Some day you may be glad you can look back on your life through the pages of a diary.

Elizabeth <3

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A New Year

 January 1st, 2013. The start of a brand new year. And instead of being stressed about stuff, I am trying to stay relaxed and take things as they come. Impatience never gets me anywhere and is a fault I want to get rid of. 
 Right now, I have to make a very important decision about a job and I need God's guidance to know what to do. I have been praying for that and trying to rest in Him. 
 Embracing life as it comes and enjoying each day, being thankful for even the little things will make for a far more enjoyable year, than waiting impatiently for the next big thing. I am learning this the hard way. 
 I'm ready for a new year so I can just start fresh. And that's how it is with the Lord too. Whenever we goof up and make mistakes, we can ask for forgiveness and the He always gives us another chance to start fresh. I love that. 
 So as this year begins just know that no matter what you face God is right there for you and He will pick you up when you fall. You don't need to know everything...He has got it all under control. Even something as small as the start of a new year. 

Elizabeth <3

Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Reason For The Season


 Christmastime is here! I am so excited because this is my favorite season of the year. Everything is bright and cheery and there are lots of lights, and snowmen. Plus, hot chocolate, reindeer and yummy goodies! Scarves and boots are everywhere, and under alot of trees bright colored packages are starting to appear.
 Our focus seems to be on getting the perfect gift for that loved one, hanging the lights just right on the balcony or baking cookies for the family. But do we ever really stop to remember The Reason For The Season? 
 I sometimes forget to think about it when I get so caught up in getting ready for Christmas, being busy at work and trying to please everyone. I focus too much on superficial things that won't last. But Jesus is the real reason we celebrate. God in human flesh. Jesus came to earth as a baby. He was born to save the world, to redeem us from our sins, and show people the way to God.
 Christmas is not about getting, but about giving; what God gave to us and what we now have to share with others. That is real love and the real reason for the season. 
 I'm so thankful that Jesus Christ was born. And that He died on the cross and rose from the grave for me, and for anyone who believes.

                      Merry Christmas Everyone!


Elizabeth <3

Friday, November 16, 2012

A Daily Routine

To me, taking care of my face and skin is really important even more than wearing makeup. And if you take care of your skin now, you will continue to reap the benefits of it even as you get older. A daily routine will definitely help. Here is what I do everyday.

Tip #1  
Always remove all makeup with a makeup remover wipe or liquid before proceeding to wash your face; washing your face doesn't always get everything off. If you use liquid, cotton balls work best with it to remove makeup. Wipe carefully especially around your eyes. The skin on your eyes is really delicate and can get easily irritated. 

Tip #2 
Find a face wash that is specifically designed for your skin type. If you have oily skin, you are going to want to get a wash that is water based, not oiled based. This will help cleanse your face without causing breakouts. Gel is usually the best for oily and combination skin types. My personal favorite face wash is Clean & Clear.

  Tip #3 
Toner is not a must, but it helps remove dead skin cells, any remaining makeup and it stimulates circulation. Again you need to find the product that is right for your skin type. If you have very dry skin for example, you will want to stick with skin fresheners that have a very small percentage of alcohol, and not a super strong toner that will dry out your skin. A splash of cold water can also work really well too.


Tip #4 Moisturizing is the last step in the process. Its very important for your skin and definitely the most important part of your daily routine. When you moisturize with the right product it helps build a layer on your skin to help protect it from the elements and helps hold water in the epidermis (the surface layer of skin). If you moisturize when you are young it will help with wrinkles and fine lines when you are older as well. 
Dry Skin: Oiled based moisturizer

Normal Skin: Water based moisturizer, containing light oils

Oily and Combination Skin: Oil Free, water based moisturizer and look for "noncomedogenic" which helps prevents clogged pores

I hope these tips were helpful! Comment and let me know what your daily routine is!

Elizabeth <3